Saturday, August 9, 2008

When you're on vacation in Las Vegas...

As a former resident of Las Vegas, I have a tip for those of you planning a visit. If you're planning to get drunk and stupid, you need to know that following traffic laws might save your life.

If you ignore traffic laws and cross against the lights, you stand a very good chance of being hit by a car. And no, holding up your 3' tall drink as you stumble in the path of fast-moving traffic won't make motorists feel your drunken vibe. In fact, it just might piss them off enough that they will run you down. And guess what else? If you are crossing where there is no crosswalk or crossing against the light, the motorist who runs you over won't even get a ticket.

My husband and I just spent a week in Vegas for RollerCon and I could not believe the way tourists just wandered out into traffic. Often, everyone would be waiting and then one dumbass would decide to go in spite of the don't walk signal. This would inspire a group of others to follow, despite the fact that two lanes of traffic were heading towards them.

Believe me, coming home in a body bag will totally be a vacation buzz kill, so just wait for the walk symbol.

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Jenny said...

You are crackin' me up.