Monday, October 17, 2011

RIP Jamey Rodemeyer

Yet another gay teenager has taken his own life after being mercilessly bullied by classmates. We all know that being a teenager is difficult. How many of us can imagine how much more difficult it is to be an LGBT teenager, isolated and at the mercy of the cruel and ignorant?

In many ways, Jamey was lucky. His parents loved him and he could rely on his close friends to accept and care for him. He wasn't completely alone and marginalized as are so many teens coming to terms with their sexual identities. Nonetheless, he is dead.

The fact is, we are born the way we are born. Why should someone have to suffer and die because of who they love? I believe that the world needs more love, whatever form that love takes. I dare you to look into Jamey Rodemeyer's face and listen to his words of love and encouragement in his "It Gets Better" video and to remain unmoved.

Jamey Rodemeyer

Here are some links for more information and support:

It Gets Better Project
The Trevor Project

Friday, October 14, 2011

For Those With Vaginas

As the economy stagnates, the GOP continues its assault on women's heath. The GOP-controlled House refuses to even bring the jobs bill up for debate because it is too busy proposing legislation that will make it legal for hospitals to refuse to perform abortions.

Of course, this goes hand in hand with ridiculously ineffective abstinence-only sex education and attempts to restrict access to birth control. It is my personal opinion that sometimes abortions are necessary and that women, along with their families and their doctors, should have the freedom to choose for themselves. Abortion is a personal, moral decision, not a legal one. If you don't believe in abortion, DON'T HAVE ONE! Rather than spending so much time and energy on sneaky ways to make abortions unavailable, perhaps we should focus that energy on educating people who are (or will be) sexually active to make informed decisions about their personal health and safety. While it's true that the only way to be 100% safe from unplanned pregnancy and STI's is to not engage in sexual activity, that is just not a realistic solution for a large majority of people. If so many Catholic priests can't keep it in their pants, what hope is there for your average horny teenager?

I'm including a couple of videos that address this issue and have inspired me to get involved in some political activism to advocate for women's sexual health. The first video is from the Rachel Maddow Show and features several congresswomen and men speaking out against the GOP's attack on women. The second video is from Second City and is a satirical response to GOP plans to cut funding for Planned Parenthood. "Vagina havers: Does your sexual partner support vaginas? If not, tell him how he can go get f@*ked. Alone."

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