Monday, March 25, 2013

Camp Nanowrimo 2013

Once upon a time, I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout. My favorite part of the whole experience was not the summer camp (ugh...camping...mosquitoes, wet socks, AND mean girls). It was the badges. I remember being so proud of my sash filled with badges; oh, how I loved them. They were tangible proof that I was strong and capable. I could do stuff, all kinds of stuff. I felt like a superhero.

So, now that I'm getting ready to embark on yet another crazy month of novel writing, what am I most excited about? The satisfaction of finally finishing that novel I've been yammering on about for years and years? Well, that would be nice, but what I really want are some cool badges to display my awesomeness to the world. Where, oh where, did I put that sash?

Seriously, though, I would love to finally finish my novel. I've been working on it for years and still have less than half of a book. But I'm torn about whether it's better to keep trying to tell a story that doesn't seem to want to come together, or to start something brand new. One more week to do some brainstorming, and hopefully, a few character sketches and a rough plot outline.

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