Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Science Teacher Draws the Line at Creation

I ran across this thought-provoking article, entitled "A Science Teacher Draws the Line on Creation" on Twitter this evening.

The author, Jacob Tanenbaum, points out that biblical literalists who insist that God created Earth for humans do us all a great disservice by encouraging us to believe that this benevolent creator will protect the planet for us until the end of days.  He writes, "Creationists begin with answers and work to prove that those answers are right. This is antithetical to the scientific process. Scientists who formed the idea of human evolution did not invent the idea and go looking for fossils."  These science deniers relieve us of the responsibility of actively caring for the planet and ensuring our own survival.

He concludes, "When Americans selectively reject science, it handicaps us, as a nation, in a knowledge-based global economy. We need to be open when scientific discoveries tell us our actions have consequences, raise doubts about our future and ask us to change."

Food for thought.

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