Monday, August 9, 2010

Pay more with Payless

I just posted this review elsewhere, and since this company really pissed me off, am, of course, spreading it around as much as possible. We're leaving for another week in Vegas this evening, and will NOT be renting from Payless.

Here is the text of the review:

Pay more with Payless

We recently had a negative experience with this company while vacationing in Las Vegas, NV. At first, everything went smoothly. We got a reasonable price quote ($148 for a week rental of a small car). Check-in went quickly and the rep was friendly. The car was nothing fancy, but was adequate for our needs.

However, it was when we returned the car that the true character of this company was revealed. We checked the car in and noticed that we had been charged THREE TIMES the original quote. While I realize that taxes and other charges are added to the original quote, we were dismayed at the extent of the extra charges. We went from a quote of $148 to a reality of $598.

We asked the young man who checked in our car about the charges and he directed us to customer service. Though we had declined the daily insurance (we have our own, plus the coverage through American Express), it had been added to our bill anyway. My husband was pretty upset and argued the charges with the clerk. She called a supervisor, who eventually showed up, glanced at our bill for a couple of seconds, and told us that we had already been charged and, further, that the extra charges, "are your own fault because you didn't read the contract carefully enough."

Payless employees were friendly and helpful until we actually needed some help. When a problem arose, all thought of customer service went right out the window, unless of course, YOUR idea of customer service is, "Bend over a little further so we can REALLY service you."

We are disputing the charge with our credit card and will NEVER do business with this company again.

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