Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SNL - Golden Girls Remix

Tonight some skaters from another league joined our practice, partly to see what we're all about and partly to help us improve what we are already doing. It's always a blast to skate with new people because you learn so much and it just injects practice with a shot of energy.

I wanted to post a video of the new fall we practiced, the figure four, but, alas, no videos are available yet. Apparently, the fall we have been calling a baseball slide is actually called something else and the figure four fall is what WFTDA considers a baseball slide.

Confusing? Oh, yeah. But it's something new to practice and I think everyone had a pretty good start by the time we moved on to whips. We also got some solid technique tips and I'll be adding whips to our practice plan more regularly now that I have a better understanding of how to do them effectively. Tried a belt whip for the first time tonight and couldn't believe how much faster I was able to go.

Plan B for tonight's post...

In case you missed Betty White on SNL a few weeks ago, take a look at this tribute to The Golden Girls. Make sure you watch to the end, because it really gets good when Betty starts to thrash.

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