Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My new library

Most people have a to-be-read pile; I have a to-be-read room. Up until this past weekend, it looked like this:

After much shifting of boxes and several hours of banging and pounding, it looked like this:

Finally, after several more hours of hefting and sorting, I have a library. Didn't go Dewey, but the books are alphabetized so I can find stuff. As I was sorting, I only found one book that I mistakenly bought twice. And it's by one of my favorite authors, so that's okay.

This is my new haven:

Lots of books and a cozy room to read them in--bliss.


DD Hunter said...

Envy!! I have books all over the house cause I ran out of room on my bookshelves.

Debbie said...

I've been lobbying for wall shelves for YEARS. With the way we like to move around, it has never seemed like a good idea. Now I might have to stay put for a while. Bookshelves AND Divas--damn I'm lucky!

Anonymous said...

So very very jealous ;) I'm hauling my new bookshelf in pieces up my stairs tomorrow weather permitting.

Anonymous said...

wow... I haven't even got my own place to live in, let alone somewhere for my books. You are very blessed indeed and don't you forget it!

BTW, I saw somewhere on your blog that you had mentioned the 1001 books list.

Anyway, I guess as you know about the list, you're aware of the 1001 Books spreadsheet and have a copy of the new v4 edition, right? If not, head over to the spreadsheet page on Arukiyomi.