Monday, September 15, 2008

Not sure whether to laugh or scream...

It's the two little furry yahoos running rampant through my house right now.

We adopted two kittens from a wonderful no-kill cat shelter last year (Touched by a Paw). They are friendly and lots of fun, but they have one very strange quirk: they LOVE enclosed spaces of all kinds. They hang out in the laundry basket and are especially happy if there are a few dirty socks cushioning the bottom. But their favorite hangout is a toss-up between either my sock drawer or my underwear drawer. Now, it would be bad enough if they simply curled up and took a nap in there, but they burrow--and they are not small.

So, I come home from a looooong day at work to find that the two creatures had been partying like rockstars in my bedroom. My dresser drawers gaped wide open, the contents strewn from wall to wall. It looked like a lingerie bomb had gone off, tossing undies and derby socks everywhere. When I started reorganizing, it became apparent that my little darlings had attempted to squeeze their not-so-svelte bodies out the back of the sock drawer. I have no idea if they succeeded, though I doubt it. They had, however, managed to push several socks out that way. As I took out the drawer and dug around the back of my dresser, cursing a blue streak, Ally and Lucy sat a few feet away, watching.

And I swear, they were smiling.

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