Monday, August 4, 2008

More Las Vegas food highlights

Janie and I got new haircuts for the Black and Blue Ball on Friday and then stopped at Firefly, our favorite tapas restaurant, for lunch. We started with the crunchy bread and almond butter and a couple of mojitos. I like the sangria better, so I switched to that for the meal. We ordered a big bowl of salad and a big bowl of pasta. We tried to get Bill to come over and join us, but he was busy taking a nap. Smart man--it was a late night!

Our last stop of note was my all-time favorite restaurant in Vegas, The Roadrunner. Unfortunately, the blender was broken, so I was unable to order my usual, a mango margarita. I only pouted briefly. Ron and Janie joined us. Ron had the buffalo meatloaf, Janie had the Dr. Pepper tacos (very juicy and delicious), Bill tried the brisket (underwhelming, though the smashed potatoes rocked), and I stuck with an old favorite, the smoked turkey and avocado wrap.

We stayed at Paris and tried a couple of restaurants there when we couldn't face traffic. The food was excellent, but pricey. I highly recommend getting away from the Strip on your next trip and venturing out to where the locals eat. Just don't act like an annoying tourist!

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